Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen

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Erris ~ Missezula Lake ~ Eastgate ~ Princeton Fringe ~ Borgeson Lake
Coalmont ~ Princeton-Summerland Corridor

Thank you for your interest in our communities. Area 'H' is the largest and most diverse electoral district in the RDOS. Outside of the municipality of Princeton, the main communities are: Eastgate, Tulameen, Coalmont, Allison Lake, Erris, and Osprey Lake which is part of the Princeton-Summerland Corridor. There are other less focused areas such as Old Hedley Road, which are nevertheless, communities.

Some of these places are very old and have sprung up completely independently of any other centre of development. Such is Area 'H'. A collection of communities that cherish their individual histories and cultures. This web site aims to help preserve those differences and promote cooperation on common goals. Here is a list of organisations which have been set up to help protect the interests of these areas.

Here is a list of Area 'H' links:

Outram Echo - Voices from Area 'H'
Area 'H' director - Brad Hope
Regional District
Coalmont Community Association
Osprey Lake Ratepayers
Missezula Lake Property Owners Association
Tulameen Community Club

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