Allison and Borgeson Lakes

Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen

Allison Lake

Annual General Meeting Sunday May 18 - 10:30 a.m.

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Allison Lake is the official name of the unincorporated area. The nearby Round Lake has residents which are part of the same community. Although Round Lake is the official and traditional name, it has sometimes been called Borgeson Lake. (more about our name)

Allison and Borgeson Lake communities are characterized by having many families who have lived or vacationed in the area over many years and now have fourth and even fifth generation family members returning to the area. We also have many new members of our community as cabins/lots have been sold.

Our Community

We brag about our good neighbour relations and our community participation. Everyone doing a little makes this a great area to live and recreate. Here is what some people do:

1. Trish Reid keeps a list of the birds that she has spotted in our area- 25 different species.
2. Walt and Jackie Halbauer keep records of the height of the water, freeze up and break up.
3. Dean Francis has donated signs and posted them encouraging recreational vehicles to stay on the existing trails.
4. For many years the Russo family sponsored Allison Lake fun days. David and Trish Reid hosted the event. The Kaltenegger family also sponsored this event.
5. Paddy Neilsen, our secretary has been the support person for the Borgeson Lake area. She has been very active keeping the residents informed and asking for their input. This winter, Paddy and Yvonne White attended a meeting for the Princeton “Save our Hospital Coalition Consultation.”
6. Noreen Pringle successfully campaigned to have the East subdivision road seal coated.
7. John Marconato takes care of the Allison lake access area.

Ratepayers Association

Susan: 250-374-1084 or 250-295-7209 at the lake.
Barbara: 604-946-4505 or 250-295-7096 at the lake.

Association Documents

Minutes and Financials

Allison Lake Firefighters

In 2010 we formed the Allison Lake Firefighters. We have equipment that includes a trailer with pump donated by the RDOS. The pump is available to use at the lakeshore to deal with small bush fires. Sharon and Cecil Carrick have donated their truck for us to use for the firefighters. We have purchased a small pump and have the truck available with a water tank to tackle small brush fires until forestry arrives.

In 2011 the RDOS donated a defibrillator to the Firefighters for residents in the valley. Bill Horrex has been kind enough to keep the defibrillator on his property, 154 Sky Blue Loop. His phone number is 250-295-3523. He is building a box to place on a pole in his yard so that it is available to residents.

The firefighters have two areas where you can donate your cans and bottles. One spot is at the pump site at the southern subdivision and the other spot is at 3018 highway 5A. We thank everyone for their donations. May 2011 to May 2012, we raised $943 in bottles and cans.

Tom Hamilton has his B C Forestry S100 training and is the Fire Warden for our area. His telephone number is 250-295-7096.

Other Useful Info

Everyone is invited to attend our annual general meetings. The yearly General Annual meetings are on Sunday at 10:30 of the May long weekend. To vote you must be a member in good standing. A member in good standing is required to pay annual dues of $10 per household.

Princeton has a landfill and recycling area available to Area H residents. The Princeton town hall will provide you with stickers that allow you to use the facility for your garbage

More about our name

The name used by a community is an important identity. It is therefore a good idea to choose it well. Recently there has been some discussion about the use of the name Borgeson Lake in connection with Allison Lake. Regardless of the names, they are very much part of the same community. Here are some links to the relevant Canadian Government data bases which have facts that may be useful in clarifying the issue and making the best choice.

Allison Lake is listed as an official name of the locality in the Canadian Geographical Names Data Base. A search for "Borgeson" in the same database will return only one result - Borgeson Creek.

In the BC Geographical Names data base, Borgeson Creek is listed as "ADOPTED" and Borgeson Lake is listed as "RESCINDED" as shown on this page. You can click on either one to get the origin notes and history of the names.

In any case, the official name for "Borgeson Lake" is currently Round Lake. Unfortunately the BC Geographical Names database lists seven other places by the same name, which is no doubt why the name Borgeson has been used here.

This website

It is the intention to extend this web page and include the kinds of information that residents need and can use. Please bookmark the page.