RDOS Area 'H'

Tulameen ~ Allison Lake ~ Osprey Lake ~ Manning Park
Erris ~ Missezula Lake ~ Eastgate ~ Princeton Fringe
Coalmont ~ Princeton-Summerland Corridor

Mountains determine the location and shape of waterways, roads, and settlements. Most communities in Area 'H' are located along north-south valleys in and between three mountain regions - Outram, Pennask, and Apex.

The Similkameen River flows from west to east along the southern edge of these three mountain regions and forms the northern boundary of the Cathedral mountain region. The communities of Eastgate, Princeton, and Old Hedley Road lie along this corridor, which is called the Similkameen Valley. All the other Area 'H' communities are located north of this.

Tulameen and Coalmont are at the watershed boundary between the Outram and Pennask regions, which is the Otter and Tulameen valleys. Otter Valley Road and Coalmont Road follow this route. The northern beginning of this valley is at Ashcroft where Otter Creek starts. That waterway then joins the Tulameen River which begins on Tulameen Mountain to the west. The Tulameen river is the largest of three major tributaries of the Similkameen which it joins at Princeton.

Allison Lake connects to Princeton and the Similkameen River through Allison Creek. The community has road access from the south which follows the valley and is called the Allison Creek Road. This road is also called Highway 5A and it continues north to Aspen Grove along the same valley.

The Missezula community is on the lake at the beginning of Summers Creek which flows south and joins Allison Creek a few kilometres North of Princeton. Following the valley is Summers Creek Road for the south half and Missezula Lake Forest Service Road for the other.

Osprey and the Five Mile communities are connected to the Similkameen through the valley that follows the divide between the lower boundary of the Pennask and northern edge of the Apex region. The watercourse here is called Hayes Creek, and it joins the Similkameen a few kilometres east of Princeton. The access road to those communities, which follows the same valley route, is Princeton Summerland road. This is also the route of the old CPR mainline to the Okanagan.

Outram, Pannask,
and Apex mountain regions with Similkameen at the bottom.

The map shows Area 'H' in grey with the Similkameen river running across the bottom. The three mountain regions are shown in green and the communities are shown as coloured circles. One can see that the larger part of Area 'H' lies above the Similkameen valley, and that most communities are located in the valleys along the northern tributaries.